Updated: 10/2/2021

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  • I know! HAHAHHA
  • Good morning! I am Lisa, your new classmate. I hope we can be great friends!
  • Hey bro, look at her! HAHAHA
  • Class, welcome your new classmate!
  • Hi! I'm so glad I met you. I can show you around our school if you want!
  • Oh! That's so nice of you! Do you mind id you give me a little tour later?
  • Sure I can!! OMG, I have so many to tell you later!
  • Look, there's the new girl hahahah!
  • You don't belong here!
  • Hey new girl! When did you last take a bath? Your hair looks ugly HAHAHA!
  • Yeah! You need to eat vegetables too! You look fat in that clothes HAHAHA!
  • !!!
  • WAIT! NO! Maybe we can talk this out!
  • Both of you better apologize with your actions and realize what you did. I am reporting this to the councilor.
  • What were you thinking? It's not nice. If you're in her position, you would feel invalidated and humiliated at the same time. You could also develop anxiety. Don't you think it's overwhelming? Is this how you welcome her? With your rude attitude?
  • Also, her features are completely natural. They are not wrong and not a problem. She look so beautiful.
  • Well, I'm glad the both of you realized your mistake. But, I can't forgive easily, maybe eventually, as long as you prove it with your actions. And of course, we can still be friends.
  • Uhm, hi Lisa. We're sorry for what happened earlier. We really are. We realized our mistake and learned our lesson. We're not doing this because we don't want to be reported. It won't happen again. I hope we can still be friends.