Updated: 2/12/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Well,I need two volunteers to show up this first day of school ...
  • please to meet you teacher
  • Nice to meet you students
  • Does anyone want to introduce themselves?
  • Good morning students, how are you today?
  • please to meet you teacher
  • Wellcome forward so that your classmates can hear you
  • tsss
  • me,teacher
  • Ohh really? I was born in Sahagun City
  • yes okay
  • Well then you will be the next to pass
  • I am from Ciudad Sahagun but I was born here in Pachuca
  • Well my full name is Daira Cosette Luna Alamillo I am 18 years old
  • Oh, Yes..
  • ¡plas, plas!
  • and I consider myself a loyal person and already
  • Cosette continues
  • I like reading, singing, dancing and picnicking with my friends
  • Hello my name is Erandy Corely Cortez Suarez, I am 25 years old
  • listen to music and gymnastics
  • I was born in Sahagun Hidalgo and I am from Tlaxcala I like to dance all kinds of dances
  • Thank you Cosette, now that your partner comes by
  • mmm...
  • is very good students and how incredible that they like to do these kinds of activities
  • ¡plas, plas!
  • Following volunteers ...