Updated: 1/14/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Uh-oh!
  • That mouse looks VERY tasty!
  • Eeeeeeek!!
  • Once, there was a peaceful little mouse who lived beside a huge pine forest.
  • One day the mouse was chased by a hawk right into the forest. The mouse thought she was safe, but little did she know that there was a very hungry fox watching her.
  • The mouse ran for her life when she saw the fox sneaking up behind her.
  • Owwww!
  • The mouse tried to scurry into a hole but it was too small. She got covered in mud.
  • The mouse ran behind a tree but she tripped on a twig and rolled over in the loose pine needles.
  • The mouse finally gave up and the fox caught up with her. He tried to eat the mouse but the pine needles spiked him in the mouth. The fox squealed and ran away in intense pain.