Loose Change
Updated: 1/15/2021
Loose Change

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Englisch HA

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  • she was forced to ask in loud voice in this small lavatory
  • Oh no, my period is two days too early and I have nothing with me.
  • Has anyone got three twenty-pence pieces?
  • she didn't have any coins
  • well, look, let me just take this now, and pay them back to you.
  • have youa five-pound note as well?
  • You look?
  • But when she emerged from the cubicle the girl with her change were gone
  • yes
  • you show me one you like.My name is Laylor
  • you don't like??
  • Darcy Bussell
  • She dosen't look real.It looks like..a dream
  • Really, you like?
  • Look, let me buy us both a cup of tea..then i give you back your money.?
  • This is chid make this?
  • Uzbekistan; Tashkent
  • where are you from?
  • Are you on Holiday ?
  • I'll get this
  • My brother. He want to know where we sleep tonight
  • Who was that?