A Asonburg School Day!
Updated: 7/16/2020
A Asonburg School Day!
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Check it out! Now that Isabelle is 14, Olivia and Jason decided she can walk 10 year old Annie to school. Ansonburg's All Ages has every grade from K-12th. If you wanna keep going to Ansonburg, you have to go to Ansonburg's University. In the first picture, Isabelle is waving for her friend Sarah Fallers to come. Sarah can't come at the moment because she's coming her little sister, Sari Fallers, down. It is Sari's first day at Ansonburg, but Sarah has been hoing since she was 7. 5th grade Mike Snoots is getting beat up by his 7th grade older sister Rachel Snoots. Annie is trying to cheer Mike up by making a silly face. 7th grade Liona Livers is struggling hokldng her books. 11th grade Rhianna Reddins is walking to school, along with 5th grade Mya Morton. 9th grade Cat Corrs is walking to school, but she's already at the door. 2nd graders Morris Kallish and Ari Orrs are laughing at 3rd grade Amelia Rower's spectacular joke. Last of all, Donnie Doggis is walking to school. Donnie's uniform has ripped and got patched many times.In the second picure, you will see 5th grade teacher Mrs. Gumdrops's classroom. In it are 5th graders Annie, Mike Snoots, Mya Morton and Jake Jarrel. Mike is laughing at Annie's hilarious joke, along with Mrs. Gumdrop. Mya is sitting on the table, telling Annie she makes the best jokes. Jake is staying near Mrs. Gumdrop, while listening to the joke. In the third picture, you see 9th grade science teacher Mr. Willie standing next to the valcano for safety wile Isabelle presents her valcano. Watching are her best friend Sarah Fallers, Pierre Norton, and Rhianna Reddins. (Rhianna is an 11th grader, but she isn't so good at sciene and got put in an easier class.) So that's what the Ansonburg school is like!

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