Amina Akcin AP Psychology: Diagramming Classical Conditioning
Updated: 1/7/2020
Amina Akcin AP Psychology: Diagramming Classical Conditioning
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  • Every morning I feed my cats before I leave. I have two cats. They live in the garage, and sometimes they're let inside the house.Most mornings, they manage to run into the house and I have to try to catch them.
  • Good morning Foxy and Tino! It's time for breakfast! Stay here.
  • Hey, come back here! Why don't you listen? I don't have time to catch you guys! Ugh!
  • Unconditioned Stimulus (food)
  • Come kitties! Why aren't you coming?
  • I'm making your food ready. Follow me to the garage.
  • Unconditioned Response
  • Maybe if I whistle, it get their attention.
  • Mmrow?
  • Whistling is the neutral stimulus.
  • ♪ - 
  • In response to the 1st whistle, the cats give no response.
  • -----------
  • After hearing the whistle the 2nd time, the whistle has become the conditioned stimulus and the cat's hunger for food has become the conditioned response.
  • = 🥓
  • ♪ - 
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