Life in the Colonies Storyboard - Ashley Rawls

Updated: 8/26/2020
Life in the Colonies Storyboard - Ashley Rawls

Storyboard Text

  • James Oglethorpe 1732-Georgia
  • OMG! This is the perfect place for the poor British debtors to get a fresh start! I'll call it "Georgia".
  • Rules are established for GA colonists
  • No slavery? Is he serious?!
  • Settlers, there shall be NO rum, NO representative assembly, NO African slavery, NO..
  • Let's be friends! We want to trade with y'all.
  • Peaceful relationship w/ Native Americans
  • Okay, let's trade. By the way, we promise we won't attack you guys haha!
  • Laws change b/c colonist hated restrictions
  • We won't follow your crazy rules anymore!
  • OK, calm down! We'll just abandon the rules. Things will change.
  • 1761-Slavery is legalized in GA
  • So much for trying to be a humanitarian colony...
  • Yay! Now we have slavery and we're a royal colony!
  • New royal government is established in GA
  • We're GA's new government officials.
  • New government: a legislature and new government officials