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DOS Themes and Symbol
Updated: 10/20/2020
DOS Themes and Symbol
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  • start by scoring your first goal which is discovering the first theme!
  • Play the game of finding the themes of DOS!
  • then move on to doing more plays to find symbols!
  • illusion of happiness that everyone is in except Biff
  • Congrats! You just scored the first theme!
  • Illusion Vs. Reality
  • Central illusion is fidelity and faithfulness to Linda
  • Willy's lies=sense of self: respected, well known/ liked, successful
  • flashbacks are intentional parts of structure
  • Yay! You just passed to your teammate! You discovered a symbol of DOS!
  • Distant Lands:Alaska- opportunity, Africa- lush land where Ben got rich, distant lands represent freedom and possibility vs. trapped environment of the city
  • get ready for a pass back to score another goal!
  • Betrayal: abandonment by Willy's father and then Ben, betrays his own family now by travelling and the affair and suicide
  • Another one! This time you earned a theme AND a symbol!
  • Betrayal and stockings
  • Yes, you stole the ball from the opponent! You got a theme and a symbol! Now shoot the ball and score the remaining goal to win!
  • Flute: the melody represents the past overtaking the present, and sad symbolism of nostalgia mixing sense of abandonment with fatherhood
  • Stockings: luxury at the time, represents Willy's betrayal and rift between him and Biff
  • American dream and disillusionment- social admiration for financial success
  • Seeds: symbolize his longing for nature and his healthy need to nurture growth
  • Yay! We won the game! We earned the last theme and symbol!
  • Nature Vs Man Made Environment- has longing for nature and country life, Biff is love of nature and internal conflict
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