English United 4 Summative
Updated: 5/18/2020
English United 4 Summative

Storyboard Text

  • After a hard day of working on the farm with her parents, she sits down to read her book.
  • Hold on I'm on the last chapter mom.
  • Acacia lives in a small town, with no school nearby. She loves learning, but she is expected to work on her parents' farm when she turns 13.
  • Acacia attended boarding school, and she absolutely loved it. When she finished high school, she returned home to see her parents.
  • Acacia its time for dinner!
  • I don't understand why you want an education, but we'll think about it.
  • Mom, dad, you know how I have always wanted to go to school?
  • Well, I applied for a scholarship to a boarding school, and I got accepted!
  • Acacia, you know we can't afford that...
  • Really?!? Thanks dad!
  • Acacia... We decided to let you go to boarding school.
  • Well... I have been meaning to tell you... I got a full scholarship to college!
  • I loved school so much!
  • That's great! Now you could help out at the farm, right?
  • What do I do? I have to choose between my parents and school.
  • Wait... I have an idea.
  • Of course!
  • I thought of a way I could help my community even more.
  • Mom, dad, can I speak to you guys?