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Chinese Philosophies
Updated: 9/24/2020
Chinese Philosophies
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  • Confucianism believed that instead of thinking of just yourself, put the needs of family and other people first. They want the society to treat others how they would want to be treated.
  • If people had a duty to each other it would lead to a better life. The leaders should lead by example on how to act to gain respect.
  • Daoism wanted a peaceful society. People should live their lives. They will be happy if they turn to nature and the Dao which is a book that tells them how their lives should be.
  • They believed if you worked hard enough you can improve the world and you will be happy once you seek your inner peace. Yin Yang describes that nature forces can either be light or dark, but they are both equal.
  • Legalism was served as a system of law. Hanafeizi believed humans were naturally not good. For people to be good members in society he had harsh laws and punishments.
  • He also believed that for the society to grow they needed a strong ruler. The leaders didn't lead by example or show kindness they controlled people.
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