Seventh Grade
Updated: 11/23/2019
Seventh Grade

Storyboard Text

  • Seventh Gradeby: Gary Soto
  • The exposition introduces us to Michael and Victor when Victor runs into Michael after drinking water in the hall way
  • How come your making a face?
  • I aint making a face,ese.
  • The rising action is when Teresa and Victor are in French and the teacher ask who knows French and Victor say he does trying to impress Teresa
  • La mevave me con le grandma!?
  • Tres bien. Parlez-vous francias
  • The climax is when Victor finally gets Teresas attention and impresses her by making her think he knows french
  • “I didn’t know you knew French,”That was good.”
  • Yeah, well, I picked up a few things from movies and books and stuff like that
  • The falling action is Teresa needs Victor help on her french
  • Can you helpme with my french
  • Sure, anytime
  • The resolution is Victor needs to learn French to help out Teresa, & she finally got her attention