The Real Struggle Pt. 2

Updated: 10/15/2020
The Real Struggle Pt. 2

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  • After finals
  • Semester 1 Math Final y = 12x + 15 y = 1/2x + 15 y = x + 1/2 y = x^2 + 4
  • When did Columbus find the Americas?
  • You guys have every right to be mad at me. I should've communicated with you instead of completely cutting you both off. I've just been going through a rough time and I didn't want to drag you guys into it.
  • My well-being took a turn for the worse after I heard those words. I was deeply conflicted with myself and I didn't talk to my friends for a while afterwards. I didn't want to bring them into my family's problems because I thought it would make them feel bad, and I didnt want to do that to them.
  • From the start of the second semester to finals week (yet again), I experienced drastic mood swings, but I really didn't want to bring my friends into it should they experience what I was feeling.
  • My friends tried several times to contact me. I decided to block them in case I broke.
  • Tick!Tock!
  • Chemistry Final Which element has a chemical symbol of Au?
  • Finals week
  • Tick!Tock!
  • You could've told us about those things. We became friends in the first place because we always were there for one another, no matter the issue!
  • After the last day of school
  • We should hang out a lot more this summer. I think we all need a break from school. We can start by going on a road trip!