Updated: 12/19/2019
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  • Exposition
  • I will miss my dear wife so much, although she was also my cousin
  • Rising action
  • This Raven is starting to sound more like a parrot. He Isnt answering any of my questions that Im asking him about my dear wife! Isnt he a know it all
  • Nevermore Nevermore Nevermore
  • Climax
  • Tell this soul with sorrow laden if within the distant aidenn It shall clasp a saintes maiden whom the angles named Lenore, Clasp a rare and radient maiden, whom the angles named Lenore???
  • This part of the story introduces us to the main character and the problem. The main character in The narrator, Edgar Allan Poe. The Big problem that the main character is facing is that his dear wife (also his cousin) had passed away and he wasn't over the fact.
  • Falling action
  • nevermore
  • The rising action starts when the Main character hears knocking at the door. He goes to open it there is no one there. He then closses the door and steps back, then he hears the knocking again. This time its from the window. He then opens the window and a raven flies in. Poe asks the raven a couple of questions and the raven only replies with "Nevermore"
  • Resolution
  • After that Poe starts getting personal with the questions. He starts asking about his dead wife/ cousin Lenore. He starts getting upset when the answers from the raven keep on being "Nevermore". When he asks the raven am deep question the raven again replies, "Nevermore and the character flips.
  • Theme/ conflict
  • The falling action starts when Poe tells the Raven to leave, but the raven again replies, nevermore.
  • Leave my house and never come back!
  • The story ends as giving us an idea that the raven never left Poes' house. He stayed there forever.
  • The Theme was Internal, Person VS Self. It was Poe who could'nt get over the fact that his wife had left him but he could'nt understand that everything comes and goes.
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