Updated: 5/11/2020
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  • TImothy sees a fish in the water while he's fishing. If he stands his fishing pole at a .98 radian angle.He first converts by multiplying 180/pi to get 56 degrees. Then he figures the fish is about 8 feet away and wonders how long the pole would be to drop the line straight down. He knows he can use cosine. He uses the equation cos(56)=8/x to figure out his pole would have to be 14.13 feet long.
  • After TIm figured out his pole was 14.13 feet long he realized he was on a tight budget for fishing line. He decided to get the exact amount needed to drop the bobber in the water. He uses sin(56)=x/14.13 to get a fishing line length of 11.86.
  • Tim goes back to the barn to get more bait. He stands 18 feet away and looks up at at 64 angle he can see the top of the barn. He uses the equation tan(64)=x/18. He figures out the barn 36.91 feet tall.
  • Tims rod is 13 feet long and the fish is 12 feet out. Tim wonders at what angle he should hold his fishing rod. He uses the formula cos(x)=12/13 to get 22.62
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