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Multimedia - Anthony Guerrero, Period 5
Updated: 8/31/2020
Multimedia - Anthony Guerrero, Period 5
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  • Exposition - The Morning
  • You ready to go do all the things were about to do today?
  • Yeah, I'm just gonna finish watching this cartoon first
  • Conflict - Safety Rules and Zip-lining
  • I don't think I'm going to be able to do this. I might fall off this thing!
  • Rising Action - Doing the Zip-lining
  • Damn I'm going to fast I might hit you.
  • You're good, I got you.
  • In this scene me and my brother had woke up from our sleep and he was getting ready so we can with my family go do some zip lining. I was a little nervous because me and my family have never tried these things before.
  • Climax - Longer and Higher Zip-Line
  • Oh no, this one is even higher than the last one.
  • You'll be okay Anthony, the Zip Line is safe.
  • In this scene they were telling us how to do the Zip-lining and this was my first reaction when I first got on I felt like I was gonna fall to the ground. I tried to keep calm but my body kept shaking and it was super windy
  • Falling Action - Finishing Zip-Line
  • There he comes, look at the smile on his face.
  • In this scene I'm going though the zip-line quickly at a fast speed and I'm afraid I might hit the guy but he is trained well in these situations and he is able to stop my speed and catch me. Then I smile and say hey that was kinda fun.
  • Resolution - Last Zip-Line
  • In this scene, I'm going on another zip this one is even higher and longer than the last one we were on. So I'm trying to keep my composure and hold on tight while going at a high speed.
  • In this scene, I'm arriving to the end of the zip-line with a smile on my face because it was fun after I got used to it.
  • Yay I did it. that was pretty fun I wonder if were gonna do more.
  • In this scene I am on the last Zip-line and I am riding through and our goal is to land in the sand box, I try to aim for it but I go a little over it and hit a soft wall that you hit if you don't make it. It was overall a fun day.
  • This fun man, too bad it's the last one. I'm exhausted.
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