Byron and the Nazis
Updated: 2/10/2020
Byron and the Nazis

Storyboard Text

  • I swear on God if you light one more match I will burn you! now go to your room!
  • Let's go make a movie!! With matches!
  • The Nazi goes down with a flaming parachute!
  • Byron gets caught lighting matches and Mama is not happy she punishes him and sends him to his room.
  • Kenny move over NOW!!!!!!
  • Bryon wants to make a movie. He is going to call it the Attack Of The Nazis.
  • My life is over
  • I swear to god I'm going to burn YOU!
  • Byron is lighting toliet paper on fire and flushing it down the toliet.
  • You will never and I mean never light a match in this house ever again!!!!!!!!
  • Mama goes to find out why the toilet is being flushed so many times and finds Kenny looking threw the keyhole on the bathroom door.
  • Mamma finds Byron lighting toilet paper on fire and gives him a death grip on the neck while carrying him down the stairs.
  • Mama had enough with Byron lighting matches. She is going to teach him a very important lesson to never light matches in the house again. She is going to burn him with a match.