Updated: 5/19/2020
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9/11 caused 22 episodes of season 6 of Madness: NY to be unable to air on CBS! Therefore, for a substitute, they aired on The CW in 2003 on Fridays at 9pm! Season 7 was picked up in 2002 and was green lit. Production ended in 2003 and the season aired on CBS on January 3rd 2005 at 9pm! The 3 episodes, the one that aired before, during, and after 9/11 never aired on television. Well the during and after aired on September 11th 2011 at 8:46am and at 9:01pm on Showtime! The one that aired before had jokes that centered around the attacks and were syndicated. That episode was aired two times only on tv and that was September 4th 2001, the original and it aired accidentally on EPIX in 2007! The show is only available on a region of Hulu that absolutely no one has. And the episode is syndicated and demonitized. That was removed from the platform and EXPUNGED from anywhere on December 16th 2019! The episode is gone FOR GOOD! It is (NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). The two other episodes haven't aired on television since 2011, and it won't air until September 11th 2021 on ShowTime in Iceland as a onetime event! You cant record it either to watch later! The episodes are only avaliable to access through the Federal Communications Commission (The FCC). Goodbye! :)

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  • 2001
  • She sick and she posted about it
  • She looks it up and finds out...
  • Google
  • Top Stories >
  • Coronavirus is killing fast
  • coronavirus symptoms
  • Fauci says COVID-19 could stay until mid-2021!
  • Coronavirus cases surge. More than 4.3 million cases!
  • X
  • Shanika Webster hasn't gotten a contagious sickness since 2000! She was in Brooklyn on her "#CTRLME" world tour in 2000. And she ended up getting the Influenza B virus! It wasn't bad, but she was staying at The Mercer Hotel in Brooklyn, and was quarantined for 7 days!
  • She has coronavirus
  • But NOW, she is currently in quarantine at her $16 MILLION Calabasas/Hidden Hills mansion! And she has flu-like symptoms and tested negative! She doesn't have a cold because her symptoms are worse! She has sore throat, and a fever of 100.7 degrees! She posts about it!
  • Self-quarantine
  • She looks it up on Google, to find out that she has symptoms of COVID-19 and she gets tested!
  • In her pool!
  • H O L L Y W O O D
  • She finds out that she indeed does have coronavirus and that she is in quarantine for the next 21 days and will not be leaving her house, she also asks her superfans to NOT come near her house AT ALL due to the fact that you could contract it. Also, she says that she is donating $1M to the frontline and she will make sure that the postmates guy, the mailman, the amazon delivery people and her close neight=bors that are celebrities such as: Drake, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie, Kris and Kanye to get tested because they have recently had a conversation 1 week prior, but with social distancing! She then hopes for the best!
  • She gives an update 18 hours after she has been exposed and tells everyone that she is fine, except for the fever and the cough. But, her temperature has went down to 99.4 degrees and she is happy! But, the cough is still there! She says that she is just chilling around watching lots of movies with her family, playing lots of games, and even going swimming in her backyard! Which has a stunning look at the Hollywood sign because she lives HIGH up in the Hills of Calabasas and Hidden Hills! She is also social distancing, keeping six to 12 feet apart when watching movies and playing games. And she hopes for the best again!
  • She gives another update about a week later and she says that she has tested negative since and she is recovering at home and is still social distancing with her family for the next 7 days. This is because they could have been exposed! She says that she will be releasing an 6 song LP from the Madness: California soundtrack in the next few weeks that features 2 music videos and one of them was filmed in Malibu, which is where one of the on location episodes took place. And she hopes you'll like it. The songs are in total 12:10! She states the album was recorded from June 2019 to March 2020, The full newest soundtrack is 23 songs, but only six were recorded, production was stopped due to COVID-19 and actually 4 new episodes of Madness: California will be coming June 27th on CBS at 9pm EST! Followed by Madness: NY at 8pm!
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