The Story Of A Heart

Updated: 3/17/2021
The Story Of A Heart

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • wassup dew
  • Wassup smor
  • Exposition
  • Have you heard about them boy who don't like new people
  • Yea my parents been telling me they're no good !!!
  • Rising Action
  • Dew and smor been friends for about 2 months now. They both just moved into the neighborhood.
  • Climax
  • There is a group of teenagers that walk throughout the hood. These boys say they run the street, they don't like new people moving in because they believe it cause um...nothing because they really up to no good
  • Falling Action
  • (NO DIALOUGE)... The young teenagers from who been born and raised are mad about the new kids in town. Now they want to go press the kids and try to run them out of town. The one with no shirt is name Shirt, Blue shirt is Ralph and White Pants is Long
  • Resolution
  • While ralph confront the new kids, Shirt and Long arevery mad about the situation but smor stand up for him and his friend.