The Red Pyramid Story Board
Updated: 12/2/2020
The Red Pyramid Story Board

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  • 2. "They don't know my plan by the time they figure it out"
  • 1. "If I don't stop you, Julius, they will. The Per ankh is shadowing you."
  • 3. "And the children"
  • 2. "Gee....Thanks"
  • 1. "The master says not to worry. You will not be held responsible for the past crimes of your family. At least, not until we have investigated you further."
  • 3. "Do not mock our generosity boy, your father broke our most important law twice: once at Cleopatra's needle, when he tried to summon the gods and your mother died assisting him. Then again at the British museum, when your father was foolish enough to use the Rosetta stone itself."
  • 2. “You had to die, You knew this going into it. You intentionally hosted Osiris,knowing you would die.”
  • 1. "I am both Osiris and Julius Kane. I am alive and dead, though the term recycled might be closer to the truth. Osiris is the god of the dead,and the god of new life. To return him to his throne-"