Updated: 2/7/2020
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US History, WWI

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  • Yes, but the problem is, many of the Germans are our relatives. We came from those people.
  • I believe that the war in Europe should be just that. A war in Europe.
  • They may be our relatives, but come on! The Germans sank the Lusitania!! They killed Americans!
  • You must also remember that we also have British relatives, too. We are related to many of the fighting countries.
  • That's what you say, but we heard that you sent a letter to Mexico asking for an alliance to defeat us!
  • The National Defense Act should keep us safe from any attack from Mexico, if it does come. It doubled the amount of soldiers we had in the regular army for crying out loud
  • We sent the Allies tons of money.... I heard that it was something along the lines of $500 Million.
  • We promise to never ever shoot at American civilian ships again! It will not happen.
  • Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to intrude.
  • I don't even want to be here. The only reason why I'm here is because of that stupid Selective Service Act. I'm only 19!
  • Hey, buddy, you can't be in here, go back to the African American barracks. They are are back near the combat ring.
  • Yeah, this place sucks. They make us train all of the time, we don't get to rest. I've only been here for two months and I'm already being shipped to fight.
  • Congress arguing over what the U.S. should do to intervene. Choosing Sides. U.S. Neutrality
  • Sir! You are John J. Pershing, right? The general sent from the U.S. to lead the expeditionary force?
  • Yes, I am...
  • A U.S. General having a conversation with a German General about the Sussex Pledge and the Zimmerman Note while some soldiers think it over.The Road to War
  • A couple of soldiers complaining about drafting and another segregating an African American.Mobilizing U.S. Military Power
  • A soldier telling John J. Pershing what is happening, with soldiers lined up in the background saying, "Lafayette, we are here!"Over There
  • Alright, sir. The president wanted me to tell you that the Convoy System we implemented has worked. Warships and merchant vessels can now cross. We also have the Channel Mine Belt set up.
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