Unknown Story
Updated: 11/13/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • So, what are your suggestions on activities we could do as a class? Any nice games or anything we could do to somehow lessen the loneliness?
  • nomination
  • Shall we start now?
  • Restriction
  • It’s quite challenging to look for activities we all enjoy, isn’t it?
  • Turn-taking
  • It seems like we could all have fun with it
  • Well i would like to suggest a game called Among Us, if you are okay with it?
  • Topic Control
  • We could use that, but would you like to add more suggestions?
  • Topic shifting:
  • can we play other games? i dont know how to play the game your playing
  • Repair and Termination
  • thats decided on. Lets end the call now so we can prepare for it. Byeee
  • we can give them time to learn how to play the game before our activity.
  • I mean like playing among us could be fun for some of us, but it will be the first time for others, so it could be hard to teach them in the limited time we have