Astrologer days

Updated: 2/14/2021
Astrologer days

Storyboard Text

  • I charge only three pies per question, and you get ought to be good enough for your money.
  • if you find my answers satisfactory, will you give me five rupees?
  • I have some questions to ask. if I prove you are bluffing, you must return that anna to me with interest.
  • Take the coins and count them. One man gave all that
  • Leave me today. I will speak to you tomorrow.
  • Here, take your anna back. I am not used to such challenges. it is late for me today.
  • You can't get out of it now. You dragged me in while I was passing.
  • Challenge is challenge. Go on.
  • The astrologer offered the client that if the client is satisfied with his answers he will charge 5 rupees and the client replied that if you are wrong you will have to pay twice.
  • A knife has passed through you once and then you were pushed into a well. You were left for dead.
  • Guru Nayak, he died four months ago in a far-off town.
  • I should have been dead if some passer-by had not chanced to peep into well.When shall I get at him?
  • You know my name!! your are great.
  • Astrologer leaves the place in darkness and silence. the client had gone off into the night, after giving coins. When the astrologer reached home.His wife was waiting for him at the door.
  • The pact was accepted after a little further argument. the astrologer sent up a prayer to heaven as the other lit a cheroot. The astrologer caught a glimpse of the client's face by the match light. He felt uncomfortable.
  • After another deal of a rupee. astrologer started telling clients past. At last, the astrologer told the client to go home and the client was satisfied with the astrologer.