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Updated: 6/29/2020
english thingy

Storyboard Text

  • The girl and her grandfather are on the porch ready to go to school. Their Neighbor comes out and the grandfather tells her about how the granddaughter lives with them now. “She’s fine,” the neighbor said. “She’s terrific with her two plaits in her hair.”  “And clever,” the grandfather said. “Writes every day in her book.”
  • "I killed all the butterflies. This is me and all the butterflies"
  • The grandfather tells his granddaughter before she leaves: “Go to school. Listen to the teacher. Do what she say.”
  • The granddaughter comes home from school. Her grandparents are in the garden. Her grandma asks whether she had brought her books home.
  • "Yes" The granddaughter did bring it home.Her grandmother asked her to read her story, so she did.
  • the grandparents ask if her teacher liked her story.She said no. "what did your teacher say?" they asked."she said that butterflies are beautiful creatures. They hatch out and fly in the sun. The butterflies visit all the pretty flowers, she said. They lay their eggs and then they die. You don’t kill butterflies, that’s what she said.”
  • “Because you see,” the grandfather said, “your teacher, she buy all her cabbages from the supermarket and that’s why”