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Updated: 2/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Mary Anne Jones
  • Mary Anne Jones
  • Mary Anne Jones
  • Not long ago in Springfield, there lived a girl named MAry Anne Jones. Even though she was always sweet and kind, Mary would get bullied. Unfortunaly, She never had the nerve to tell anyone.
  • Mary Anne Jones
  • What if they get mad?
  • What if they start to hurt me?
  • She would chased by the mean girls on her way to school every morning.
  • Getting Bullied,Get help
  • Miss, i really need to talk to you
  • Mary would hear the whispers and fingers pointing as soon as she stepped foot in school.
  • Nothing can hurt braveness
  • Paper balls would hit her back in class, but when she turns around, all she see is the mean girls snickering.Unfortanly, Mary was too afraid to stand up to them. So many "what ifs" were running through her head
  • Suddenly,Mary remembered the poster on the counselor's office.Next morning, she marched right into the counselor's office.
  • Well come on in sweetheart.
  • Mary Anne went on to spend the whole evening talking to her new friend, the counselor.
  • But they'll get mad, what if they hurt me.
  • well sweetie, i think you should stand up to them, Mary Anne Jones.