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Tears of a tiger
Updated: 10/10/2019
Tears of a tiger
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By Emma and Ashtyn

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  • Hi, my name is Andy! I am the new star basketball player after my best friend Rob died. I am really sad after my friend died in a car crash, we were drinking and I was driving... I'm feeling really guilty, but it's all good.
  • "I don't need nothin'!
  • Whats up? I'm Keisha. I am Andy's girlfriend and I see the beauty in everything. I worry about Andy a lot, sometimes he seems really depressed about Rob.
  • "Sometimes it's nice, but I hate to say it, sometimes gets on my nerves a little."
  • My name is Monty, I'm six. I love my older brother Andy, he is my inspiration.
  • "You want my Teenage Warrior Space Soldier? I got two. Rocketman is the most powerful, but Astroman has the most weapons.
  • Hey, I'm Gerald. I'm one of Andy's good buddies, or at least I used to be. I'll never forgive Andy for taking the cowards way out. I struggle with my father but I still manage, so why couldn't he?
  • "Do you know what courage is? I guess you don't. Do you know the courage is took at that moment-to actually blow yourself away- was more than enough courage to keep on living?
  • Hi, i'm Rhonda. After Robbie's death I started dating Tyrone, and i'm very happy with him. Ive tried to help out Andy when I could and even brought him his chem homework the day he.. died.
  • "Last night when you told me you loved me,did you really mean it? Because I love ice cream,and I love the Cincinnati Reds,and I even love my little sister.But the real kind of love scares me. Im afraid if I let myself love you,I might get hurt
  • Whats up? I'm Robbie but everyone calls me Rob. I was the unfortunate victim of the accident, though I don't blame any of them. I also was the former captain of the basketball team. I wish my buddies would keep their heads up.
  • Yo,Andy my main man! I see you been eating bull crap again for dinner! You only wish you were as good as me.I, Robert Orlando Washington, will be making Billions of dollars playing for the N.B.A! Want me to save you a ticket to one of my games?
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