Recycle more
Updated: 2/13/2020
Recycle more

Storyboard Text

  • Hi my name is Sarah the Soda. Today I will be telling you the incredible story of Peppa the plastic water bottle.
  • It all started in a factory far far away. Where Peppa the plastic water bottle was born.
  • “Hi I’m Peppa!”
  • This is Sarah the Soda, she has been recycled five times! She has a friend who’s name is Peppa who’s story deserves to be told.
  • “It’s fine. No one will care.”
  • Sarah was also born here but that was a long time ago since she was recycled 5 times! People that’s a lot!
  • “Uh oh this isn’t good.”
  • As you can see, Peppa was melted into a mold to be a plastic bottle. Peppa doesn't know what she has gotten herself into.
  • Peppa was shipped to this stand were she waited for her fate to approach her. Then, she was picked up and consumed by an unknown stranger, but instead of getting thrown in the recycling bin, she was thrown into the street.
  • Things only went down hill for Peppa. After it rained, Peppa drifted to a river, that lead to the ocean. After a long trip, Peppa ended up in The Great Garbage Patch!
  • After a long time stuck in the Great Garbage Patch, Peppa gets consumed by a turtle. Not only did Peppa pass on, but so did the turtle. So now you know Peppa’s story think twice about throwing a water bottle into the street.