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brexit story board
Updated: 10/14/2019
brexit story board
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Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1 Shot 1 0 to 20 seconds
  • Scene 2 Shot 1 21 to 40 seconds
  • yes we are leaving the EU on the 31 October but i don't see what the fuss is all about.
  • can i read the paper Alex i heard this thing called brexit and i'm confused were leaving on Halloween 31 October
  • Scene 2 Shot 2 41 to 60 seconds
  • Ask dad he is at the gym go pester him i'm trying to relax before be leave the EU
  • all this brexit stuff is stressing me out,.
  • Jo heard on the news at the local cafe that we are leaving the European Union called brexit. He was confused and wanted to find out more. (wide angle the sound of people talking in the cafe)
  • Scene 3 Shot 1 61 to 80 seconds
  • Jo walked to the gym passing the little news shop and asked to read the paper to see what is going on about this thing called brexit. camera long shot.
  • Scene 3 Shot 2 81 to 100 seconds
  • Can we have Indian for tea.
  • Jo asked his mum to tell him about brexit. she said she voted to stay but she said that his dad had a better understanding. Silly boy who does he think i am knowing about brexit. Close up and the sound of bubbles in the back ground from the hot tub.
  • Scene 4 Shot 1 101 to 120 seconds
  • what about Salah my best friend.
  • Jo will be mortified if salah leaves ill speak to his mum tomorrow.
  • Dad says that · leave won by 52% to 48%. The referendum turnout was very high at 72%, with more than 30 million people voting - 17.4 million people opting for Brexit. The sound of men and women straining. ·
  • Wile walking home dad also said· The UK joined in 1973 (when it was known as the European Economic Community). If the UK leaves, it would be the first member state to withdraw from the EU.
  • I'll ask mum when we get home
  • Brexit was originally due to happen on 29 March 2019. That was two years after then Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50 the formal process to leave and kicked off negotiations. But the Brexit date has been delayed twice. A deal was agreed in November 2018, but MP rejected it three times.
  • he will be fine he will just have to ask to stay and if not he sadly will go home to Italy.
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