Updated: 7/7/2020
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  • Aponitolau, god-hero of the Tinggians went down to the lowlands and wandered aimlessly until he reached the seashore. He was fascinated by the calm blue sea beneath the golden sun. unable to resist he raw his rattan and reached the edge of the world and the palace gates of Tau-mai-u, lord of the sea gaurded by his nine beautiful daughters.
  • The deep blue sea and the golden sun is so beautiful.
  • As  Aponitau met with the nine beautiful daughter of seaweeds, he went in the palace gate shaking and the maidens lured him in futher inside the palace walls. But at the same time laughed at him that make him burst into anger.
  • Hmm.
  • Come here. Go inside.
  • Come inside.
  • Hi handsome
  • Because of Aponitau sudden anger using his magic hook he slashed the unsuspecting maiden, the most beautiful of the them all Humitau. She was helpless and her body was paralyzed by his grip. Before Taumariu arrive Aponitau placed her body in the raft and left the gate.
  • UUGGHH!!
  • Taumariu go out of his abode but he was too late. In his rage he summons the waves and the tunas and ordered to take the raft back. Aponitolau cries out to his mother Lang an,mistress of the wind and rains for help and strong winds to pull Aponitolau ashore. Taumariu was furious and he called a meeting with the demigods of the seas because he wants his daughter back and revenge from Aponitolau.
  • Winds and rains , save my son.
  • He can't get away with what he have done to my daughter!
  • Lang an new the plan of Taumariu and she immediately warn her son about a great flood and instructed him to go directly up to the highest peak of the cordillera mountains for his safety. He obey the orders and go up and waited the flood to came, and waves rushed in and Aponitolau saw his plains, valleys, crops, and animals destroyed. As Humitau gave a desperate cry and ask for forgiveness from her father.
  • What did I do? My people, my land, they are all gone.
  • Ow father please forgive me. Huehuehue
  • Despite of his anger the water lord look pity on his favorite daughter when he heard her heavy tears and the winds and waves were calmed and promised her that he would sink mens boats and drown passenger until Aponitolau crime would be appeased when the water was down. Aponitolau and his wife went down the lowlands and people of the world came from them. THE END
  • Aponitau still needs to pay for his crime!
  • HELP!
  • HELP!
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