Updated: 11/11/2020

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  • Bad Factorys
  • I gust hurt myself
  • People were getting sick
  • Mom I don't feel so good
  • That does not sound that good
  • Short life spands
  • It my time to go peace
  • WHy did my husband have to go why him
  • What you sse here is a kid doing a adults job but back the what they were doing was helping there family all kids all races it did not matter to the factory owners .
  • Long hours
  • only 2 more hours and that may 50 hours
  • I gust started my 50 hours
  • What you see now is how this poor child is etting sick how you may ask well let me tell you this poor kid were not getting feed lots of food and the place there working in is not helping.
  • Bad air
  • What you see here is a man that has died R.I.P his death has been cause why all the hard work he was doing to keep his family under one roof.
  • Parent could not watch there kids
  • Ma'ma you can't come with
  • why not
  • This kid had to do this do 50 maybe so hours and none stop they can only take like 20 m breakes and back to hard works.
  • All of the factory were makeing bad air and everyone was breathing and going in to there lungs and that is not good for kid and old people.
  • Were are all the dark clouds comein from
  • The mothers could not watch there kid what they were doing in the job but I think that better so they don't see all the bad thing they t to them.
  • Mom
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