Chinese Creation Story

Updated: 7/23/2020
Chinese Creation Story

Storyboard Text

  • Life began with an Egg. It wasn't any ordinary egg though. It was chaos, a hideous oval or round object with a chalky shell membrane containing havoc and chaos.
  • The inside contained a mixture yolk and white. Oh wait, Yin and Yang. Dark and Light, Bad and Good, whatever you want to call it, all opposites were in conflict with one another.
  • The egg finally developed a large crevice through the chalky shell. allowing for a dragon-like creature by the name of Pan-Gu to escape. Both Yin and Yang spiraled around him though he pushed the egg halves apart.
  • Now, from that very moment, all opposites were permanently separated.
  • He did stop growing though. When the sky reached very high above the ground Pan-Gu stopped. Now he began to demolish all the mountains and filled all valleys with water to form vast oceans.
  • Pan-Gu continued to grow every day for 18,000 years causing the sky to be raised higher.
  • Rivers were created from his finger trails and he stomped on the Earth to make the ground flat.
  • He also gathered light which he threw into the sky to become stars.
  • Pan-Gu began to grow old and tired after tens of thousands of years. Using his hands, he created the world and formed the basic principles of Yin and Yang. He wanted to lay down and sleep forever. And so he did, never waking again. In other words, he died.
  • . When Pan-Gu died, his body created huge mountains, his skull formed the sky and his hair became flowers and plants. His bones turned into jade and pearl and his arms were the directions.
  • TL;DR:Some dragon-guy came out of an egg of opposites, grew for 18,000 years, made rivers with his fingers and stomped to make flat ground, that guy died then his body parts became the rest of the earth.
  • His blood became the rivers, the wind was his breathe and his voice became thunder. Creepy, huh?
  • One eye created the Sun and the other the moon.