Lyric Cycle - Comic Strip
Updated: 7/16/2020
Lyric Cycle - Comic Strip
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  • OH NO! An evil spider is coming towards me!
  • AHHH! The spider attached itself to my shell using its legs. HELP!
  • NOOOO! Please Mr. Spider, don’t do this.
  • I’m going to break into your shell, and inject my poison into you. MWAHAHAHA!
  • Gregory, the turtle, is representing a host cell, and the evil spider is representing the virus.
  • I want you to make more copies of me and my poison. MWAHAHAHAHAH!
  • Okay Mr. Spider!
  • The spider uses its legs (viral tail fibers) to attach itself to Gregory. Its body (capsid) then binds to a section on the outer layer of Gregory’s shell (host receptors in cell membrane).
  • Now put the poison and the bodies together. MWAHAHAHAH!
  • Okay, I have assembled them Mr. Spider.
  • The spider uses it saliva (enzymes) to make a hole in Gregory's shell (cell wall). It then uses its lower body (tail) to inject its poison (DNA/RNA) into Gregory.
  • Gregory
  • Gregory is poisoned by the spider, and the spider has taken control. The spider instructs Gregory to make more copies of its poison and body. (producing copies of DNA/RNA and synthesizing viral proteins/capsids).
  • Gregory has now assembled the poison inside the bodies of the spiders. (DNA/RNA core with capsid covering).
  • The spiders have all left Gregory's body by breaking his shell, resulting in the death of Gregory. (Newly formed viruses eat a hole in the cell wall, and leave the host cell). The new spiders will now go and poison others like Gregory. (Cycle continues).
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