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Updated: 3/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • good afternoon mum, could you cooking a cheesecack?
  • you use same strawberry and figs jam.
  • yes, but which jam use for the cake?
  • mmm.... then, have you got a grapes jam?
  • no, i don't, but we have a plans graps, you go a take some graps.
  • i have a lot of strawberry jam, hawever i don't have much figs jam.
  • okey, i go to take some or a lots of graps.
  • take so much that tomorrow i will cook risotto.
  • for the cake? why use a graps for the cake? you cloud use some blueberries or same peaches.
  • oh hello, how are you? who are you?
  • i'm mark and i'm fine tanks you, i need some graps for the cake.
  • ah, is a very bad.i'm luck, i don't have allergic.
  • for me grapes in a cake is good, then i'm allergic to blueberries.
  • many say it's bad, although i'm used to it now
  • thank you, i'm glad talk whit you.
  • thank you too, bye bye.