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Romeus and Juleria
Updated: 6/30/2020
Romeus and Juleria
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Storyboard Description

A forbidden love between a Virus and a Bacteria.

Storyboard Text

  • Romeus and Juleria
  • I, Romeus the Virus am lost within the massive expanse of the blood. My inner code says I need to find a bacteria. Now.
  • I see many bacteria in the distance, but is life all a code, must I have to invade then?Then I see her, she glows. It will be a distance but my emotions propel me to find the bacteria. The code will have to wait.
  • *Romeus is purple, a colour known for sucking the life out of things. Juleria is yellow, which is the colour that opposes purple on the colour scheme.
  • I am Vromeus
  • Juleria, the Bacteria
  • I am lost. Utterly, irrevocably lost.
  • This primal urge I feel, it's getting too strong. Everything in me is reigning me to - kill her.
  • Must the code be followed? My primal side urges me to invade but my morality keeps me in check.
  • There was emotion bubbling inside me, was this love? Was this happiness? No, I cannot allow emotions to rule over my code. It compels me to enter within her, and be United forever. Somehow it seems wrong. My desires fight my code and I am utterly strangled.
  • NO!
  • Incredibly, Amazingly awesome organism --> --> -->
  • She was amazing, she had multiple walls, each with its own functions, and she could even use light to produce energy, truly remarkable. She told me the thing in the center is the nucleoid. This complex structure contained a magical thing called DNA. She said it gave her instructions, and they were essential to her survival. Surely me code is not essential, emotions were the most important, and I will stand by that.
  • It happened immediately. Juleria was in distress, I had to concentrate to stop. I needed to fight the code, for love, for life, for emotion! It stopped. Juleria said that I was still sucking life out of here, but here intake of energy would make up for it. I learned everything about her, from her diffusion of CO2 to her chloroplast membrane. I won't kill her, can't.
  • NO! I will not be responsible for the death of her friends, no more deaths of her kind, that’s what my subconscious says and I will fight my DNA even if it is essential to my survival, I will fight now. I started not letting carbon into her body and started to move around and not allow resources to circulate, I kept going and going, till I found a wall. This was the edge of a tube wasn't it. I kept striking the edge.
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