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Updated: 9/15/2020
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  • Releasing the Chosen Undead
  • the chosen undead is released onto the world, cursed with immortality, a soul chained to the realm of the living , death is only a minor setback, the completion of their quest is inevitable, save the world from fading into an age of darkness
  • Journey into the world of a fading flame/ First encounter with danger
  • the chosen undead comes across other undead like him, however they have lost their way, become hollow as they lost what little humanity they had left and have been reduced to roaming mad men, little more than savage beasts
  • the Light has begun to fade from the world, the first flame flickers meekly now, far from the blaze as it once was
  • Slaying the First Monster
  • the First great foe falls, it's soul acts as a catalyst for the chosen undead's fate, bestowing greater power to him, enough to give him an edge in the fights to come
  • ordinary world, call to adventure no refusal
  • First death, trap of immortality, resolve
  • Crossing the threshold, no mentor
  • the final battle
  • The Final Battle ensues between the two chosen undead, a battle between the two generations rages many times. With each clash the new chosen undead inches closer to an inevitable victory
  • tests, allies, enemies
  • Rekindling the first flame
  • death, rebirth
  • The chosen undead has his first taste of false death, and arises once again to face the monster in his path
  • ordeal
  • reward, no road back, no return, final destination
  • the Chosen undead defeats the last one to rekindle the fading first flame, his soul feeds the dying embers and is consumed by the ensuing inferno. His soul consumed by the fires he now takes the place of his predecessor, now the guardian of the first flame. He will wait for the cycle to repeat itself once more.
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