Shakespeare change up thingy with foxy boy
Updated: 4/9/2021
Shakespeare change up thingy with foxy boy

Storyboard Text

  • That guy ruined our party, we gotta get him back.
  • What about...
  • How about we do this...
  • Ok, but what about this...
  • As the party was at its peak Mr. Party Pooper (Garth) finds out and stops the party because it is not allowed to have parties on Snow Mound Grounds. The partiers were very upset.
  • Hello beautiful.
  • Hi
  • Mr Devil Guy got really mad and started discussing with his fellow partiers that they should get revenge on him.
  • Hahahahahahaha. That was hilarious
  • Horn Man and Foxy Boy, who were best friends, thought that the idea of pranking Garth sounded cool. So they started discussing
  • What they decided to do was for one of them to pretend like a very pretty vampire. They chose to be a vampire because they new Garth thought they looked really pretty.
  • He attempted to woo her with his charm he did not have. He was ready to dance for her when suddenly Devil Guy rips off his outfit and shows his true identity.
  • He was made a laughing stock for the rest of his life. But was that really necessary for pooping on a party?