Unknown Story

Updated: 6/21/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Your here because its you BIRTHDAY
  • I said I was sorry.........talk to me?
  • hmp
  • Whats wrong this time?
  • ok ok
  • Daddy big sissy is upset again
  • I might have gave her a dangerous birthday present but.......ITS AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY PRESENT
  • ok
  • I will talk to her
  • Hey thanks for coming
  • Now she is mad me....... I SAID I WAS SORRY
  • the next day
  • No problem
  • Here I am regretting what I did and now I think she hates me and I am crying now because of that and thats my sister
  • Ahhhh this is nice
  • Yeah it really is
  • This is her telling our dad I am upset again
  • She called me here and we talked about what happened yesterday
  • She is not mad at me anymore and now here we are relaxing at my porch of my houseThe End