Chuleta de Sieta: Synthesis of Leucine
Updated: 1/22/2020
Chuleta de Sieta: Synthesis of Leucine
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protein synthesis

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  • I am really hungry. I could really go for some protein so I don't get hungry later.I would love some Chuleta de seite.I dont know if anyone here knows how to make it. I better look up the recipe.
  • niko mRNA exit through nuclear pore door behind you and pick up some ajo,sal,and tRNA to biind with leucine.
  • I will look up the recipe for Leucine from the DNA, transcribe it and take it to Abuelita's restaurant so she can make it for me.
  • Recipe for Chuleta with leucine
  • Leucine Synthesis mRNA trancribed from DNAmRNA exits through nuclear pore to cytoplasm/ ribosomes tRNA binds to amino acidsloaded tRNA bondsmRNA at ribosomes polypetide chain grows in response to mRNA codons.completed protein either used by cell or is packaged and exported.
  • abuelita saying; load the tRNA , ajo,sal and carne all togehter to make the polypetide chain grow.
  • yummmy que delicioso!!!
  • This Leucine Chuleta is delicious!Thank you very much Abuelita!!!
  • you're welcome mija
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