Lizzy & Connie (2)
Updated: 12/12/2020
Lizzy & Connie (2)

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  • As a real Suffragette I should have seen the problem.As a matter of fact, I may not be capable to defend women's rights..
  • Oh, Connie! I am terribly sorry...Has he done that before? Does your mother know?
  • Yes he did, it's how he is, after a few pints at the pub. If he's in a mood, he'll rage at anything. I try to stay out of his way, but last night he came looking for me.
  • I hate to think of Connie living with a man like that. My own father had been angry enough a few times in my life but never for a moment would he raise his hand to me.
  • It was all my fault, I should have known her unhappiness was caused by something.
  • Are you completely stupid?Do you want Mr Palmer to send you packing? I wouldn't blame him!
  • Bloody hell Lizzy, what went through your mind?
  • Connie ends up by spilling the tea.
  • We are each to lose a week's wages-ten shillings for me, nine for Connie
  • I'm afraid of how he will react when he'll know I will lose 9 shillings.
  • I felt horrible for what Connie and her mother live.
  • This loss means my mother will miss the five shillings I give her for my keep. I know how hard she works to make ends meet.
  • I remembered my father's reaction at the news of my stay at the police station.
  • I realised the siutation was far from being ideal, for both of us.
  • I couldn't help but feel bad about the issues the lack of money will imply for my family.
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