Anatomy comic
Updated: 2/4/2020
Anatomy comic
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  • Hello I am here for my 39 week checkup
  • Good morning please take a seat the doctor will be with you shortly
  • Depolarization is occurring right now, the action potential is being generated, you’re going to be feeling a lot of discomfort for the next few hours. I will just keep updating you with what’s happening, now the action potential is being carried deep into the cells and is causing the SR to release calcium ions.
  • Mrs. Justina Bieber
  • No. So now the calcium ion is concentrating as the myofilaments slide past one another and the cells are contracting again, so a lot of pain is going to hit. the contractions are going to start getting closer together, the closer we get to the baby coming, right now the calcium being absorbed into the SR, the concentration is decreasing at the myofilaments. You should start feeling relaxed now, press the red button on the call key if you feel another one coming.
  • so basically what is happening is the acH is being released into the junction by the axon terminal. We are also going to need to get new bloodwork done from you because some of your levels were concerning
  • I think I am feeling contractions coming, why is this happening ?!
  • What does that mean, is my baby coming?
  • The acH is diffusing across the junction, its binding to receptors on the sarcolemma
  • can you dumb it down for me ?
  • The pain is going away
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