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Updated: 9/11/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Time to Use a Computer Again
  • I don't know why my desktop computer won't turn on and I need to create a file.
  • The monitor or computer screen seems fine
  • Checking the Various Components
  • The keyboard still seems to be working
  • The mouse looks to be connected and is still clicking
  • Savannah!
  • Oh! It wasn't plugged in. Now it's working and I can create my file.
  • A desktop is a type of personal computer that is intended to be used in a single location and are wildly popular for use in the workplace and home.
  • Entering the Information
  • The monitor is like a television and it shows what work the computer carries out. The keyboard is made of keys that tell the computer what to do. The mouse is a pointing device that controls the movement of the pointer on the screen.
  • Processing and Storing the Information
  • Every type of computer (super, mainframe, and micro/personal) need power or energy of some sort.
  • Free Time!
  • Yay! I finished creating my file and now I have time to look at social media on the monitor and have some speakers play music!
  • Input devices are devices that are used to enter information into the computer.
  • I can input new information into my computer using my mouse and the keyboard
  • Processing is a term used for what happens when data in input and then output. Storage devices are devices that are used to save information for later use. A hard disk drive serve's as the computers primary means of storage.
  • I will can have my computer calculate and process some equations and then I will have it store the file in its Hard Disk Drive.
  • Output devices are devices that are used to see information that the computer has processed. A speaker is an example of a type of output device but instead of images, it projects sound.
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