socrates defense
Updated: 9/10/2020
socrates defense

Storyboard Text

  • here is why everyone hates me and Aristophanes bullied me!
  • Socrates is about to explain to the Athenian jury why he is not popular.
  • Is anyone wiser than Socrates?!
  • We arrive at the Oracle where Socrates finds out he is the wisest man on Earth
  • no
  • i will hunt the intelligent
  • In shock, Socrates begins looking for smart people to inquire.
  • are you wise?
  • I find that very offensive.
  • He went about inquiring, but he knew they were not wise.
  • sir please allow me to show you why you are unwise
  • I'm going to tell everyone about this and ruin your reputation
  • So naturally, he decides to tell them why they are unwise and insult a few too many. 
  • that is why, men of Athens, I am hated
  • From the story, he concludes that the rich are not wise, but poor men are wise.