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The black cat
Updated: 2/19/2020
The black cat
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  • This is a story of a man married with his young wife. In their house there's plenty of animals but none of them is more important than Pluto, a blalck cat who is the only one that keeps by his side even though the man is an alcocholic.
  • One day the man gets drunk and starts to think that the cat is annoying him and following him so he decides to cut his eyeball off.
  • After, that day Pluto starts to avoid him as he never did before so the man gets angry and decides to hang him up from a tree in his garden. Casually, that night there's a fire in the house and when it is controled, the man is able to see a very scary image in the wall over his bed. It is the shade of a frightening cat that might be Pluto's.
  • After this, the man misses the cat and decides to search for a new cat. One day, he was on a canteen and finds a black one with a strange mark in his chest who follows him home. He decides to keep it but it reminds him so much of pluto, he also has a missing eye, that he becomes irritated and tries to kill him with an axe but he accidentally kills his wife in an attempt to stop him from killing the cat.
  • He makes a hole in the walls of the cellar and hides his dead wife there. That night he sleeps very well, alone with no annoyances because the cat seems to be gone too. He is so relaxed, even when de police comes to the house because she is missing, because he thinks he has hidden her very well.
  • But when the police is about to leave the house, the man, proud of his work and the house's construction, hits the wall with his stick and in that instant, a suspicious low scream starts to get louder from behind the walls and the police open the walls and find the dead wife and the black cat above her head.
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