Social IFT project (MANA MUSA)
Updated: 6/19/2020
Social  IFT project (MANA MUSA)
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  • In 1255, Sunidata died. The most famous ruler after Sundiata was an African Muslim man named Mansa Musa (Sundiata's grandnephew).
  • I will make you proud Uncle.
  • Mansa Musa was specifically known for the famous pilgrimage to Mecca lead by him.
  • Why do I have to be a slave?
  • To Mecca shall we go.
  • When Mansa Musa went on this pilgrimage to Mecca, he also brought along 60,000 people with him. He also brought camels loaded with 300 pounds of gold per camel.
  • Camels
  • 100 pounds of gold
  • Slaves
  • During his travels, Mansa Musa gave away and spent a significant amount of gold
  • GOLD!!! Sure what idea do you want?
  • I want some ideas!
  • That's better
  • but he also brought back a lot of new ideas like building shrines to his kingdom (Mali) to make the kingdom a greater place.
  • This is my idea to make this kingdom better!
  • Lets build shrines.
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