Information Literacy

Updated: 9/8/2021
Information Literacy

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  • On a sunny day Lea and Morgan are hanging out in front of their house.
  • Hey! What are you guys doing?
  • Have you already vaccinated?
  • No, and we don't have plans to have a vaccine.
  • I'm just creating my tiktok videos.
  • I heard that the researchers rushed the development of the vaccines, so I can't trust it and it feels like not safe.
  • Also, I just watch a videos a while ago and it says that vaccines side effects are too dangerous and what if I will die because of that?
  • Guys, I am also aware about those things and I also know that some people say that the vaccines has include tracking devices, that it can causes infertility in women, that it is not effective and many more rumors.
  • And? Are to okay with that? Are you not afraid of it?
  • It is from "share" page. It is very famous and it has a lot of followers on social media.
  • No, I'm not afraid of it because those are false information. It is just myths, opinions and cannot be supported by evidence and facts. It's not true.
  • Oh! guys I guess you haven't see the news last weeks
  • The owner of that page has already gave a statement and apologize to the people for the false information.