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Updated: 9/24/2018
Unknown Story
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  • im starving
  • we need energy
  • its been months since we havent ate
  • wheres food when u need some
  • ill help you but no tricks at all we are helping eachother.My name will be jerry.
  • we are the sky gods we ill me having a feast and birds are invited
  • im so hungry maybe you can disquise me .My name will be all for me
  • yayy finally i can have some food.My name will be marie
  • i am a sky god.i need your name to see how much food i will give you.
  • whats taking so long im hungry
  • for the food my name is all for me
  • For months all the animals have been starving due to the lack of food.Its been a difficult journey to find a food source
  • here enjoy your food
  • this is not fair how dare you take advantage of us we helped you your such a liarwe will never help you again
  • Hahaha i fooled you all for me none for you
  • The sky gods decide to have a feast and all the birds are invited.They gave the tortoise a chance and will disquise him as a bird to go to the feast but they have to make up their names.
  • we will hold another feast but in order to eat your claws need to be washed
  • finally another feast im starving
  • ouuuu i wanna go even though im full haha
  • the birds all got on line for the sky gods to ask their name to see how much food they will receive.Nobody was able to tell that tortoise was a bird an he named himself all for me so that he was the only one to eat.
  • finally some food
  • haha you trick us we trick you
  • awwww dam you played me
  • thats what happens when you play with peoples trust
  • when the sky god heard the tortoises name he gave him all the food and the rest of the birds didnt receive anyhting. The tortoise took advantage of the birds and they were furious because they had nothing to eat and they wanted revenge.
  • So the birds had an idea to make another feast.But in order to eat you have to have clean claws if not you cant eat.They knew they could get their revenge because the tortoise will dirty his nails by walking and wont be able to participate.
  • The birds plan worked.Every time tortoise would wash his claws it would get dirty b walking.The birds plan work and they could finally eat peacefully.The tortoise tricked the birds and the birds played tortoise.They tricked each other but at the end of the day both parties ate.
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