Ancient Egyptian God Storyboard
Updated: 5/23/2020
Ancient Egyptian God Storyboard

Storyboard Description

This is about the Ancient Egyptian gods

Storyboard Text

  • Thoth is a very important god and he was credited as the founder of Hieroglyphics. Thoth is the god of knowledge and wisdom.
  • Hello my name is Thoth and I am the Ancient Egyptian god of knowledge and wisdom. I will show you around and in this tour you shall meet some other Ancient Egyptian Gods
  • Geb the God of Earth was the physical support of the earth. Human Pharaoh's claimed to be a descended of Geb and they called the royal throne as the throne of Geb.
  • This another Ancient Egyptian God and his name is Geb
  • Hello I am the Ancient Egyptian God of Earth and my name is Geb
  • Here is another Ancient Egyptian God, I mean Goddess. Her name is Sekhemt
  • This will be it for today and I hoped you enjoyed learning about the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddess. Unfortunately I wasn't able to show you all the gods and goddess because there are a lot more. Hope you come back next time and I will show you more Ancient Egyptian gods and goddess
  • Bye
  • Sekhemt is also believed to be the Sun Goddess, the daughter of the sun god Ra.
  • Bye
  • Hello my name is Sekhemt and I am the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of war and healing
  • Bye