Refugee journey P2
Updated: 12/1/2020
Refugee journey P2

Storyboard Text

  • We woke up and saw that we were at the turkey border. Me and my sister were happy that we were at the turkey border but also shocked that he really took us to turkey and it was not fraud.
  • We walked towards the solders that told us to show them our passports so we did and he let us into turkey. In turkey there were no bombs, no gunshots and fresh air. Even though turkey is a really good place to live, we were scared that the war in Syria would move to Turkey then we would have to leave again.
  • Me and my sister found a not too expensive place to stay the night for 1,000 Syrian pounds each. By the time we got into our room it was already night because there was a big line. The room was not too big but it was better than outside. Me and my sister put our passports on the table then fell asleep within seconds and did not wake up till morning
  • It was around 7AM when my sister woke me up to get food then we could start walking again. I did not want to walk so early because I had no energy and I was tired. After my sister and I got the food we started walking again. My sister and I were both tired so we tried looking for someone to drive us but no one came.
  • Me and my sister found a gas station somewhere in adana and izmir. Me and my sister did not stop here for food we stopped her to try and steal someone's car. My sister acted as if she was a worker and asked a guy if she could fill up his car while he got a drink from inside. The man said yes and left to go get a drink.
  • What the man did not know was that he left his keys in his car. My sister got in the driver's seat and told me to get in the passenger's seat. I did what I was told and as soon as I closed the door my sister started to drive as fast as she could so the man did not catch them.