Mr.Normans storyboard
Updated: 9/24/2018
Mr.Normans storyboard
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  • the english language needs phrases because they provide details and without clauses there would be sentence fragments
  • why does the English language need phrases AND clauses ?
  • a colon introduces related content and a semicolon combines two independent sentences. We need them so our sentences won't become a run on sentence.
  • Explain why the English language needs AND semicolons AND colons..
  • Explain how dependent clauses are 'dependent' on independent clauses...
  • they depend on independent clauses to make them a complete sentence
  • they make dependent clauses dependent
  • Explain the role of the subordinating conjunction
  • "before I answer, do I get participation points ?"
  • "I think the answer is B, although C looks right."
  • "Until this is answered , we will be here all day."
  • "After this class, I'm dropping out !"
  • "i don't want to answer because i'm confused."
  • These are my friends: Autumn and Jaela
  • Colons are used to introduce a related topic. Semicolons are used to connect to complete sentences.
  • They seem cool;why are they so short?
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