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Updated: 5/21/2020
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  • This scene shows how mad Atticus got at aunt Alexandra for wanting Calpurnia out of the house because the kids love her and she is an important member in the family.
  • "But Atticus-"
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  • "Alexandra, Calpurnia's not leaving this house until she wants to."
  • "Now I mean it, Scout, you antagonize Aunty and I'll spank you."
  • "Now I mean it, Scout, you antagonize Aunty and I'll--I'll spank you."
  • This scene shows how Jem and Scout got in a fight because Jem ordered Scout to stop annoying aunt Alexandra, but Sout refused and got mad at Jem for telling her what to do.
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  • "you d**n morphodite, I'll kill you!"
  • This scene shows how when Scout stepped on something under her bed (Dill) and thought it was a snake. She then asked Jem how a snake feels.
  • "How does a snake feel?"
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  • "Sort of rough. Cold. Dusty. Why?"
  • This scene shows how Scout was inciting that there was a snake under her bed. As soon as Jem went under the bed he sensed that it wasn't a snake, it was someone. Jem held a broom and was so close to hitting Dill. Dill came out tightly, scratched his neck and said, "Hey."
  • "Hey"
  • "Do snakes grunt?"
  • "It ain't a snake, It's somebody.""God almighty."
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  • This scene shows how Dill went beside Scout because he wanted to sleep next to her. Scout was curious and asked him why he was here and if his stepfather was as hateful as Dill said. Dill explained how his mom and his new father are always out or together in their room. They don't want him or care about him and that's why he snuck out his house.
  • "he--they just wasn't interested in me.""They didn't want me with 'em."
  • "Why'd you run off? Was he really hateful like you said?"
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  • This scene shows how when Scout came up with this random question about Boo Radley and Dill answered with a sigh. Scout keeps thinking about Boo because she feels bad for him and wonders a lot about him.
  • "Why do you reckon Boo Radley's never run off?"
  • "Maybe he doesn't have anyone to run off to..."
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