Visita de Jaume I a Cabrera al segle XIII
Updated: 6/10/2020
Visita de Jaume I a Cabrera al segle XIII

Storyboard Description

Jaume I es dirigeix al castell de Cabrera. Allà l'esperen els vescomtes de Cabrera Guerau V i la seva esposa Ramona de Montcada, també els castlans de Cabrera Berenguer i la seva esposa Guillema (que serà amant de Jaume I a l'igual que la seva nora Sibil·la de Saga)

Storyboard Text

  • I think we will have fun at Cabrera Castle
  • Yes, your Majesty King James I. He will be welcomed by the Viscounts and castlans of Cabrera
  • Ramona, you must get ready to welcome the king
  • Guerau, as Viscount of Cabrera, always so loyal to the King-Count of Barcelona!
  • Guillema, you must be very kind and complaisant to the king
  • Don't worry Berenguer, I'll make the Castlans look good
  • Sibil·la, daughter-in-law, get ready for the evening
  • Mother-in-law, you too, that we will be three of us with the king
  • This King James it's very strong!
  • How complacent are the women of Cabrera!
  • The castlans must take care of the castle and the King
  • When I get Barcelona I will expand the properties of Cabrera Castle!